Friday, October 30, 2015

A winter with Aztec scarfs

I'm having a scarf obsession at the moment. Which is great, since the weather in the Netherlands can be very cold. So it's nice to have a big scarf you can wrap yourself in and stay warm. Since the last two, three years big scarves are hot. Which I love, because I hate the cold. So I bought a lot of scarves lately (some of them are more appropriate for fall though). Even though I already owned a lot of scarves which I still love. I'm still crazy about my Aztec scarfs from H & M. Like this brown one and this white one from H & M (I can't believe it was two years ago I ordered the brown one and a year ago I ordered the white one). They're still top favorites with cold weather. But I gotta admit, when I spotted these ones I was like: I want!

 € 14,99 via H & M

€ 19,99 via H & M

I'm not sure if the last one really qualifies as Aztec print, but whatever. I still want it. Both are from H & M.If you're thinking, the first one is really similar to your other brown scarf then I sorta, kinda agree with you. But not really. Because this one is way lighter and has different colors and it's just very different. But I'm totally not rationalizing this or something like that. I can say with certainty (kinda) that I don't own anything like the second scarf. One might argue I must have that scarf in my possession, no?

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