Friday, October 30, 2015

A winter with Aztec scarfs

I'm having a scarf obsession at the moment. Which is great, since the weather in the Netherlands can be very cold. So it's nice to have a big scarf you can wrap yourself in and stay warm. Since the last two, three years big scarves are hot. Which I love, because I hate the cold. So I bought a lot of scarves lately (some of them are more appropriate for fall though). Even though I already owned a lot of scarves which I still love. I'm still crazy about my Aztec scarfs from H & M. Like this brown one and this white one from H & M (I can't believe it was two years ago I ordered the brown one and a year ago I ordered the white one). They're still top favorites with cold weather. But I gotta admit, when I spotted these ones I was like: I want!

 € 14,99 via H & M

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Favorite outfit of 2014

I haven't post ootw's in a while, but I still made pictures most of the times. So I will be uploading these pictures asap. Meanwhile, I was browsing through my ootw's from last year and that's so much fun. I don't think my style has really changed. I see a lot of items and combinations I want to wear again. I have so many dresses and skirts I haven't worn this year, such a shame. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


So yeah, I have been MIA (Missing In Action) for a while now. Sorry! I just have no inspiration anymore. I'm really trying to get my inspiration back though. When I blogged at the beginning of this year, I blogged every day. I don't think I will be blogging every day, but I really want to blog several times a week.