Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Outfits of the week: Week 31

There was a big storm on last Saturday and you could still see tree branches everywhere in my neighbourhood. It was a big summer storm. The weather was pretty good this week though. Quite warm, even though there was a lot of rain as well. It was again with a lot of work, but I also went shopping on Thursday!


Sheep. They were really interested in this "shoot". I wore my trenchcoat from Takko Fashion and floral scarf from H & M. The big blue sweater is from H & M and the pink/salmon pants are from C & A. The blue sneakers are from Van Haren.

I really like combining my fake Timberlands from Van Haren with this pink T-shirt from Takko Fashion. I also wore my aztec jacket from Scapino and new jegging from Primark.


Blue meets blue. White meets white. Normally I'm not really focused on matching items with other items. But this time I thought it was fun. I wore my white denim jacket from Kruidvat, dark blue T-shirt from H & M (old), polkadot pants from Primark and white shoes from Van Haren.


How cute is this dress from Primark? Super cute right? It was the first time I wore it and it's shorter than I remember. But oh so cute! I bought it back in December! The gladiator sandals are old and are from Van Haren. The jacket is from C & A. I wanted to combine cute (the dress) with edgy (jacket and heels).


  1. 5th ourfit was my favourite!! Beautiful dress :)

    I've just started a blog so it will be nice if you visit it!

  2. Great outfit, I like your combination of colors. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You look fabulous in all the outfits!! <3

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