Thursday, July 23, 2015

Two dresses

I ordered two dresses at C & A (different sizes) and kept two, one I didn't even order! My mom ordered two dresses (different sizes) as well. She didn't like the dress, but I did so I kept that one. It might be strange to some of you, wearing a dress your mother liked. But honestly my mom has an amazing fashion sense. And the dress is just amazing. But I want to show you the black dress first.


This dress is € 19,90 and was on sale. It's a simple black dress, but the belt adds something extra I think. Mixed with a colorful blazer and you get a cheerful outfit. But this dress is very suitable for (other) formal, more serious occasions as well. I have been searching for a black dress for a while now and now I finally found it. It's a bit long, but not too long for serious occasions.


My mom ordered this dress for € 19,90. It's a dress inspired by the '50s. My sister and I basically forced her to order it. But the dress wasn't the right fit for my mom. I love the print and the fitting, so I just tried it on. I have to say, I like the dress with a belt. Without it, it felt like something was lacking. But with the belt, I love it! I swear, lately C & A has too many cute dresses.