Thursday, July 2, 2015


It was hot, hot, hot today! And I went shopping. Heat and shopping isn't the ideal combination. Since changing clothes all the time gets pretty warm. I did visit clothes stores, but I also went to a shoe store: Scapino. Changing shoes takes less effort than changing ten different pants.

I went to Scapino and they had a special offer. Three items for the price of one. The most expensive article wouldn't be on sale and was the original price. I didn't read right and I assumed the sale price was the right one. Because I picked out this printed jacket, which was originally € 12,95 and I picked two pair of Vans.

These Vans are actually darker green in real life. They were € 49,99. They were on sale for € 30,-, but I had to pay the original price so I got the other items for "free". Since the offer was 3 for 1.

These were originally € 49,99 as well and were on sale for € 30,- as well. I basically got these € 10,- cheaper, since I paid € 49,99 for three items instead of paying € 49,99 for one pair of sneakers. I was pleasantly surprised both sneakers were included in the offer. And I really wanted yellow and green sneakers for a while now. So another thing I can scratch off from my wishlist.

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