Friday, June 26, 2015


Buying clothes or shoes in one season (like, say, summer) while they're actually more appropriate for the opposite season (like winter) is kinda my speciality. I do it so many times, I lost track. It can be kinda annoying, since I like to wear new items asap. But when they belong to the opposite season it's kind of hard. It's either too warm or too cold. At the moment, these ankle boots are too warm. But on the bright side, it's usually not that warm in the Netherlands. We normally don't have a lot of days where it's hot. And ankle boots are certainly suitable for fall and colder summer days. Plus, fall will come soon enough (ugh). What was I talking about? Oh right, my new ankle boots!

 I bought these beige ankle boots at Hafkamp, a store where they sell shoes. The stores sells a lot of brands like Converse, New Balance and more. These ankle boots weren't from any of these brands, but I saw them a couple of times and I really wanted to try them on. They were originally € 44,95. But I bought them for € 29,95. The ankle boots were also available in black and grey.


You knew this was coming right? I already have two pair of black ankle boots, which are classics and a staple item. So I didn't buy another pair of black ankle boots. But I did buy the grey version as well. Which was on sale as well for € 29,95. So I bought two new pair of ankle boots. What can I say. I'm a shoeaholic!

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