Friday, June 5, 2015

Shoplog in Maastricht

I went to Maastricht (town in the Netherlands) with my friends. Officially we wouldn't go shopping, but I had to wait with a friend until the other friend arrived. So we went into some of the stores and I spotted sale at C & A. I'm a sucker for sale and C & A usually already has clothes which are reasonably priced. So sale is extra fun. Because cheap clothes get cheaper! But it was so hot that I wasn't really in the mood of trying clothes. See, I'm not a shopaholic! I'm a shoeaholic though because I spotted shoes on sale.


  These babies were on sale and were originally € 29,90. But there was a 40 % discount on these pumps, meaning they were only € 17,94. The heels are quite high, but luckily not very small. So it's to walk on. But it's not like I'm going to walk 5 km in these pumps. I have my sneakers for walking. I also love the fact that these pumps have straps. So I don't have to worry about slipping out of them.