Monday, June 29, 2015

Outfits of the week: Week 26

I can't believe week 26 has come and gone. The longest day has passed. And these first six months have gone so quickly as well. I can't believe we already passed the first half of 2015. It feels like the year just started, but it's everything but! This week I worked a lot again. I don't mind, but it feels repetitive writing it lol. But that's life! Besides working, I went to Jurassic World again. No regrets, the movie was still amazing the second time. I can't wait for part 2/5 (since it's technically a squeal to the Jurassic Park series). And these are the outfits I wore this week.


I don't want to brag, but I bought this cowboy fringe jacket at H & M before this whole 70s trend started. I was a little bit scared back then that the jacket was too much. But luckily it wasn't! Fringe jackets are very trendy right now, but that's not why I like the jacket. I just love it because it's so very different than my other jackets. I combined the jacket with my beloved tregging from H & M, a T-shirt from C & A (old) and sneakers from Van Haren.


 It really was the week of mixing something old with something new. The grey vest is from H & M and is quite old. Perhaps from even before 2011? The jegging is from Primark and is brand new, I just bought it last Sunday. The black T-shirt is from Takko Fashion, the sneakers are All Stars from Converse via Big Bazar.


This T-shirt from H & M is from 2012 or even older and I remember buying it on sale. After already owning it in pink, red and a slightly different version in white. But I still love all of these T-shirts. Even thought the lace doesn't look as good as it did when I bought them. I can't throw them away. The tregging from H & M is a staple item as well. The sneakers are All Stars from Converse which I bought at Big Bazar.


A summery outfit, even though the weather looks everything but! It was warm though, but it rained a lot before taking these pictures. I wore my faux leather biker jacket from H & M (old), new top from Vero Moda and my faux leather shorts from H & M. The sandals are Birkenstocks (old). The sunglasses are from New Yorker.