Friday, May 1, 2015

Zara seasonals lookbook summer 2015

The first thing I thought when I saw these pictures, was: she looks cold. The model looks like she's freezing and I can relate. The pictures are taken on a beach but it's not super sunny and I kinda like that, it makes the pictures look more real. I'm not a 100 % sure she is cold, but based on the fact she looks like she's freezing in most of the pictures (especially in the second one) I say she is. Also, it can be pretty chilly on beaches when it's windy and in the second picture you can see people walking with long sleeves on. So this kinda confirms my suspicion. But I didn't want to talk about the weather. I wanted to talk about the new Zara seasonals collection.


So let's talk okay? I gotta say, I don't hate this collection but I don't love it either. I definitely like the kimono and jumpsuit from the first two pictures. And I love the color of the dress from the last picture, I just don't like the dress. But tell me, are you still wondering whether the model was really cold?