Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Shopping in Almere! I completely forgot the sale will begin soon enough, but shopping is always nice. I didn't want to wait two or three weeks for sale to begin even if I would've remembered. Now about my purchases, I was finally successful at H & M again. That was a long time ago! I started at Primark, so let's begin with that.

I spotted this T-shirt at Primark for only € 4,-. I had to buy the T-shirt, especially because of the text: I have nothing to wear. Which is something I have to deal with on a daily bases #firstworldproblems. Just kidding! But I love the text and I love the color. The color screams summer.


This cute butterfly sweater is from H & M and the price was € 14,99. But when I wanted to pay it turned out to be even cheaper. It was only € 10,-. It's a very cute sweater. I also love the colorful butterflies mixed with black.


This sweater was on sale as well and was also € 10,-. I think the print has a little bit of a seventies vibe. I love the color combination.


I confess, I really have enough polkadot items. But they are my weakness. So I kinda didn't need this polkadot T-shirts, but it was only € 9,99. Plus polkadot T-shirts always look cute during summer.

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