Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Nike Air Max and Nike Air Max Thea. Two pair of shoes which were on my wishlist(s) for a while now. I went to Batavia Stad (a shopping centre with loads of outlets from big brands, like Adidas, Nike, Converse but also Hugo Boss, Michael Kors etc.) and I had to check out the Nike outlet. I didn't think I would see Air Max or Roshe Run, but it can't hurt to look right? And lo and behold, I spotted the Nike Air Max Thea!


They were € 85, instead of the regular price of € 130,-. I wanted to try Nike Air Max Thea (and the regular Nike Air Max) since forever, so I was very happy to try them on. And it was a perfect matc. It's a size 38,5, which is bigger than my regular size (I usually wear a size 38). But then again I like some space, since I tortured my feet with no space during my teens (auch!). Size 38 was also sold out and size 37,5 was way too small. Even though I immediately wanted to buy them, because I loved the colors and they were so comfy, I didn't. I was responsible for ten minutes and thought to myself do I need these sneakers (yes!)? Don't I have enough shoes/sneakers by now (no!)? As you can imagine this inside battle was quite intense. But I don't have a lot of sneakers which are comfy, besides my Roshe Run. And these go with everything, since they're grey and black. So they might be more expensive than I usually buy, they're totally worth it. These babies will be worn a lot. They're my most expensive shoes I've ever bought and if you think about it, € 85 isn't that expensive. It's below the € 100,-.