Saturday, May 2, 2015

It's a princess

As you might know, I'm a huge fan of monarchy. We have a monarchy in the Netherlands, but I love other monarchies as well. If you follow me on Twitter, you read I was one of the #greatkatewait people. I tweeted that hashtag and several others (#royalbaby, #royalbabywatch etc.) a lot these days. But now it's finally here, the duchess of Cambridge has given birth to her second child, a daughter. A little princess of Cambridge! It's weird, but I think it's so awesome. Now prince George of Cambridge has a little sister.


Since this is a fashionblog, let's talk about Catherine's dress. It's a bespoke Jenny Peckham dress, just like the blue polkadot one she wore while showing off prince George. I think both dresses are amazing and this floral dress screams spring. It also reminds me of the 70s, might be because of the color yellow. I also applaud Catherine for showing of the princess several hours after birth. I know she had a hair dresser and everything, but still. I wouldn't look like that after birth. So well done Wills & Kate! Good luck with your happy family and try to get some sleep!

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