Monday, April 27, 2015

Outfits of the week: Week 17

I worked extra and I visited a friend who made an amazing meal. We talked for so many hours and ate a lot. It was so nice! I also went for drinks with two other friends on a very sunny day. It's so great to sit outside, talk and just have a drink.

I wore my white denim jacket from Kruidvat, my palm tree T-shirt from Primark, my tregging from H & M and my pastel pink sneakers from Van Haren when I went for drinks with two friends.

I will always refer to this red blouse from Primark as my 'Christmas' blouse because I bought specifically for Christmas. Thankfully the blouse doesn't look too much like said holiday, so I can pretty much wear it anytime I want. The tregging is from H & M and the sneakers are from Van Haren.

The first thing what pops in my mind when I look at this outfit, is Grease Lightning and the pink ladies, I'm not sure why. Might be because of the pink faux leather jacket from Kruidvat. Or because of the faux leather pants from H & M. I don't know, but it just feels very much like Grease. The outfit is definitely edgier than my usual combinations. The white blouse is from H & M and I bought it in London. The black top underneath is from H & M (old) as well. The sandals are from Van Haren (old).

I wore this while my grandma celebrated her 92 birthday! Yeah, what an age right. I can't believe it sometimes. The dress is from C & A, the red blazer from H & M (old), the tights from HEMA (old) and the pumps from Van Haren.

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