Monday, April 13, 2015

Outfits of the week: Week 15

This week it was Easter, my mother was celebrating her birthday and I had a family weekend this week, which was great fun but was also quit tiring because all of the talking. A busy but fun week.


Lets start at the very beginning of this week: Easter. Well, the first day of Easter was Sunday but Monday was the second day of Easter. Which meant delicious breakfast! I also had to work and my grandma stopped by for a delicious meal. Easter has changed since my childhood and I love it, because nowadays you can buy amazing food (and I love food, so it's perfect!). I wore this outfit with dinner. The blazer and striped dress are both from H & M. The tights are from HEMA and the black pumps are from Van Haren.

On Tuesday it was my mom's birthday. I wore my white denim jacket from Kruidvat, my black top from C & A and my skirt is from Primark. The tights are from HEMA and the black pumps are from Van Haren.

Time for floral prints! I wore my floral jacket from Zara and combined it with my black top from C & A and my light jeans from Vero Moda (old). The red pumps from Van Haren (old) are the finishing touch.


It was also time for kimono's! Finally, because I now have a small collection of kimono's and I want to wear them! That's why I wore two this week. The weather was good enough on Thursday and Friday. I wore this kimono from H & M on Thursday. The T-shirt is from an old Conscious Collection from H & M. The jegging is from C & A and the sneakers are from Van Haren.

On Friday, when the family weekend started, I wore this kimono from Pieces which I bought at Vero Moda. I combined it with a white T-shirt from H & M, my jegging from C & A and my sneakers from Van Haren. The weather was great and it was great to see (almost) everybody from my family again. I have a pretty large family on my fathers side, so I don't see all of them that often. We stayed at an amazing park, called Hof van Saksen in Drenthe. The houses were quite luxurious and the park was really big.

I wore this on Saturday during the family weekend. It was raining a lot and it was very windy. I went to Westerbork, where a lot of Jewish people, people from the resistance, gypsies and so many more people were prisoned. The people at Westerbork were transported to concentration camps, like Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen, and most of the people did not survive these camps. Anne Frank and her family were prisoned at Westerbork before they were brought to other concentration camps. Obviously this wasn't a fun trip, but history isn't always fun but it is important. I always wanted to visit Westerbork, because World War Two had a huge impact on the Dutch society and on the world in general. Now about the outfit, I wore my leopard vest from H & M. I combined it with my creme top from H & M and with my tregging from H & M. I also wore my low sneakers from Van Haren again.


This was the last day of the family weekend. My sister and I took a stroll through the park and she took these pictures. I wore my grey New Yorker coat with my scarf from H & M. The sunglasses are from H & M as well (old). Just like the sweater and the jeans. The sneakers are Nike Roshe Run.

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