Monday, April 6, 2015

Outfits of the week: Week 14

Wow, it was super windy on Monday and Tuesday. It seriously felt like fall and not like spring. This is the first week of April right? If you would tell me it's October or November I would almost believe you. Almost, since the sun goes down way later so I know it's not fall. Still, you could've fooled me. 

I went to the Hague and Scheveningen with my sister M. and we visited our other sister. After that we went shopping but I didn't buy anything. I know, a miracle right? We went to the beach in Scheveningen and we wanted to take outfit pictures. I took the camera with me, the batteries were full but when my sister wanted to take pictures the camera didn't work. Because stupid, stupid, I forgot the batteries. Oops! So that was a bust. So unfortunately these outfit pictures have a less exciting background. I said enough, so about the outfit. I'm wearing my fluffy vest from H & M, my nude blouse from Primark, my grey high waisted jeans from Bershka and my Nike Roshe Run which I bought at Footlocker.

I can't believe I'm still wearing so much vests and sweaters. It's not that I don't like this salmon sweater from C & A, but I just want to wear my T-shirts, kimono's and dresses without tights. I spent the day travelling back home so I wanted to wear comfy clothes (as usual). The jeans are again my high waisted jeans from Bershka and the sneakers are Roshe Run from Nike via Footlocker.

I went to Amersfoort with friends on Thursday. We had a great time and we chatted a lot. I didn't wear my Roshe Run, I choose my sneakers from Bershka. The sweater is from H & M, just like the jeans.


I went for a pastel color on Friday. I wore a mint green T-shirt from C & A and I combined it with my vest from Divided from H & M. I also wore my high waisted jeans from H & M and my red boots from Esprit.

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