Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Adidas red Superstar Knock-offs

Pharrel Williams teamed up with Adidas and made 50 awesome Adidas Superstar models. Each sneaker has one color, but you can choose from 50 colors. Red, blue, green, orange, yellow, basically every colow from the rainbow and more. I already spotted the baby blue and pink ones.

If you're searching for the Pharrel Williams Adidas Superstar sneakers and you're interested in the red ones, but you're hestitating because of the price, then I've got one for you. Or well, H & M has. These sneakers from H & M are € 24,99, You can find them here. Do you prefer the real ones or would you buy a knock-off?


  1. I love the real ones! Although, if the knock-offs are of good quality they will do :))


  2. They look awesome! I think the answer is obvious, I prefer the real ones but usually I can't afford it haha
    Your blog is awesome, maybe you wanna follow each other on GFC? let me know!
    kisses, Mai ♥