Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Zara does denim on denim

If you still need some denim on denim inspiration, fear not. Mango showed inspiration before, but Zara is now here to help you out if you weren't so sure of the trend just yet. Or you might still not like this trend, but you can always get inspiration for other outfits. Some of these looks are very 70s, which is the trend now as well. But some of these looks feel more like 80s to me.


Nothing wrong with a little bit of 80s now and then. I do love these looks and I feel like wearing some denim on denim very soon! What do you think of the denim on denim trend?


  1. For me it's even looks like the end of 90s and the start of the century. My sister wore something like this, when she was at school.


    1. Haha well that's how fashion works. (almost) Everything comes back. Denim was huge in the 90s as well, that's true

  2. I just bought a denim shirt from Zara and I am totally in love with it! Great post :)

    Have a blessed week ahead!

  3. Love the styling