Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wishlist: Adidas Superstar

My current obsession are Adidas Superstar sneakers. Last year I was obsessed about Roshe Run and since then I'm the proud owner of two pair. I still love my Roshe Run, they still are amazing and are super comfortable. But I'm a shoeaholic and I'm always on the hunt for new shoes. I've been obsessed with sneakers in general for a while now. And I confess, I didn't really like the Adidas Stan Smith or Superstar sneakers at first. But I warmed up to them. I'm very into white sneakers in general at the moment. I don't want them because everybody else wears them. I really like them myself, but it does help they're suddenly everywhere. Because let's be real, chances are you're gonna like something when you see it a lot. That's how the brain works.


The price of the sneakers are a little bit high: € 89,99. But I found the sneakers for € 54,95 at Zalando, which is a lot cheaper. Unfortunately they're almost sold out and I have no idea which size I should order anyway. My shoe size varies so much, I have All Stars in three different sizes. So even if these sneakers will be stocked again, I need to try them on in a store.


  1. NICE

  2. This is so funny, I haven't seen these sneakers since I was in elementary school! I guess that all trends come back around, and it's time for these shoes to make their round :) They are really nice, though, and white is perfect for the warmer months!

    xo, Dolce //
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    1. I agree, it's funny to see old trends come back. Wide jeans were trendy in the early '00s and now they're trendy again. Just like Timberlands!