Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Two pair of Vans, a red summer dress + shoplog

 I picked up my Vans. They're my first pair, well two, since I bought two pairs. I bought them at Kruidvat for only € 24,99. While these were the only ones left in my size, they were the ones I really love. I love the color blocking from the first pair and I love the neon lime ones.

These are the color blocking ones. They more unique looking than the other pair, since these ones have two colors. 


But I still think these look different than regular Vans as well due the color as well. The color is neon lime and unfortunately the camera doesn't really capture it.


I also got a present from my sister E. which my sister M. received a while ago when she saw her. Only sister M. forgot to take the dress with her. So I got it a month later lol. The dress is from Primark and was € 7,-. I have the same version in white, but I also loved this dress. When I told my sister E. she offered to buy to dress because she works nearby a Primark (which must be heaven and would be so bad for my wallet).

I also bought this mint green denim jacket at Kruidvat for only € 9,99. Such a great price for a great denim jacket. And it's a color you don't see often with denim jackets.