Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Funny, I just mentioned I visited two stores which I rarely/never visit. And that is something I did today. I went to Steps, which has the most beautiful dresses. Unfortunately the prices at Steps are a bit pricier, it's why I don't visit the store a lot. Because I don't like it when I see nice clothes and it's expensive so I'm not gonna buy it. So why should I bother to visit the store? Because they ha(v)d(e) a great sale! I saw a red dress made from (faux?) leather on top and a different fabric on the bottom. It looked amazing, but it wasn't in my size. And those sizes were the last, so that's why it was only € 15,-. Either way, I did manage to find other great things.


This light short pink blazer was only € 25,-> It was originally € 89,95. That's quite the discount right? It's a really chic blazer, I love the color and it looks great with darker clothes. I also really like the fact that the blazer is shorter than my other blazers.

Sorry for the akward pose, but I wanted to show the sleeves since they're wider. This blouse was originally € 49,95. Then it got priced of to € 24,95 and I saw it for only € 15,-. I love that the blouse is shorter than usual, it's more a longer cropped blouse. And the wide sleeves make the blouse a little bit more unique as well. Well worth € 15,- because it isn't just a black blouse. Bonus was I got another 20 % discount, because you got that discount if you bought two sale items. So I paid € 32,- for the blazer and blouse instead of € 40,-. So I got a discount on the sale items! Which means I should visit Steps more often!