Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Wow I had no idea my bangs were already so long. But that's not what this post is about. I went for grocery shopping (which far too often ends up more expensive than I planned) and I paid a visit to C & A. I didn't buy anything there for myself, but I did buy something at other stores. I went to Vero Moda, where I haven't been in ages. The lookbooks are great, but the collection in the stores often disappoint me. Mostly because of the prices, the items look like Primark and H & M, but the prices are higher.


I did spot a beautiful coat, it looked like this one but I'm not 100 % sure if it is the exact one. I loved the color, but I don't think the fit of the coat is the right fit for me. I did buy this floral kimono. It was on sale and it was only € 15,-. I spotted a lot of sale items at Vero Moda.


This colorful blouse was only € 10,-, because it was a sale item as well. Both the kimono and this blouse are very suitable for spring and summer, because of the colors. This blouse is from Vero Moda as well. It's so funny how I usually don't even bother to take a look in the store, but now I suddenly did and I bought two new clothing items!

I also went to Miss Etam and I usually never go there. My mom wanted to take a look so yeah, we looked. And I found these amazing leopard ankle boots for € 35,-. The heels are quite high, especially since I now so often walk on sneakers. But I found these ankle boots so cool, I had to buy them. And they're very different than my leopard ankle boots from Primark.