Monday, March 23, 2015

Outfits of the week: Week 12

It's getting boring to write, but really the weather is still all over the place. On one day it's cold, the other day it's warmer and very sunny. It's really weird, just let spring really begin. Because while spring has begun, the weather keeps going back and forth. Really annoying. Now enough about the weather and let's move on to my outfits this week.


Sorry, I just couldn't choose two or three pictures. My mom (she takes the outfit pictures) and I are experiencing with different backgrounds for some more variation. And there are beautiful backgrounds in my neighbourhood, so plenty of variation is certainly possible. This week started with great weather, so that was great. I wore my red blouse from Primark, a black top from H & M (old), my tregging with hearts from H & M and the white boots are from H & M as well.


The week started with warmer weather, so that was great! I wore my leopard blouse from H & M and combined it with a black top from H & M (old) and my tregging from H & M. The low white sneakers are from Van Haren.

And then it became colder again, so away with T-shirts and back to a vest. But it's never bad wearing this vest from H & M. The black shirt is from C & A, the high waisted jeans from Bershka and the horse back riding boots are from H & M. I didn't expect it when I ordered the boots, but I find them hard to combine.

Blue, blue, off white and blue. I finally wore my blouse from Primark again. Underneath the blouse is a blue top from HEMA (old). The jeans are from C & A and the low blue sneakers are from Van Haren.


I think this red blazer from the H & M (old) is the blazer which I wear most often from all of them. Red is my favorite color and this blazer makes everything pop. It's basically a classic in my wardrobe. I went for drinks with friends. Normally I would wear heels, but I was driving and I always wore my red All Stars Converse (either these or my grey/blue one) which I bought at Big Bazar. The black and white T-shirt is from Primark and the jeans are from H & M.

I love my boyfriend jeans from H & M, but the truth is I sometimes have trouble combining these jeans as well. I think this outfit turned out great though. The vest is from WE and it belonged to my sister E., the red top from C & A and the pumps are from Scapino.