Monday, March 16, 2015

Outfits of the week: Week 11

The first ten weeks of this year flew by. We're already in week 12 while I'm writing this post. In week 11 I visited two stores I rarely visit and I bought new items at these stores. Sometimes you just have to visit a store you rarely visit, because you might find some interesting stuff.

It's my Graduation dress! I wanted to wear a dress and on Wednesday I went to a graduation from a friend, so I choose my Graduation dress. But this outfit was what I wore on Monday. I wore my bright colored blazer from C & A and my dress is from H & M. The tights are from HEMA and the black pumps are from Van Haren.


It was a little bit cold at the dock, but I think it's a beautiful place to shoot pictures! I wore my fake Burberry scarf from New Yorker and combined it with my short black coat from H & M. I wore my floral sweater from C & A and I combined them with my C & A jegging. The fake All Stars are from Van Haren. I wore this when I bought some new clothes and ankle boots.


Graduation time! Just not for me, lol. I had my graduation in December and on Wednesday a friend of mine had his graduation. It was really nice and there were a lot of students who now are graduated as well. It really is a special time, a milestone in your life. I wore a simple, but hopefully chic outfit. It wasn't my party, so I didn't want to stand out. But I still wanted to look chic. I wore my salmon blazer from the Conscious Collection from H & M (old) with my dark red top from H & M. The tregging is from H & M as well and the pumps are from Van Haren.

New things means new ways to combine an outfit. I always love to wear new things asap, so I wore my new leopard ankle boots from Miss Etam. I also wore my C & A biker jacket and it was finally warm enough to wear the jacket without freezing. I wore a pretty much simple outfit, since I think leopard ankle boots stand out more when the outfit is simple. The sweater is from H & M and the red pants are from C & A (old).


  1. i love all your looks, u look pretty

    1. Thank you so much! I'm blushing right now :)

  2. lovely outfit!
    thanx for your nice comment, have a good day!

  3. Great looks
    The first one is my best

  4. You look lovely in all your outfits! My faves are the two first ones :)
    Thank you so much for stopping by! Wish you a fabulous week ahead<3


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