Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wishlist: leather red jacket at C & A

I can buy a jacket on one day and totally fall in love with another the next day. My closet is getting really full with C & A clothes and C & A jackets. I love biker jackets, denim jackets and coats but I recently discovered suede (or jackets which look like they're made of suede) jackets. I'm lying, this jacket looks like it was made from suede as well, so my obsession isn't new. Even though I'm writing suede the whole time, this particular red (!) jacket is made from leather. But when I look at the picture here, my mind doesn't immediately think leather. It does however thinks, me wants, me wants!


But a lot of other smart people thought exactly the same and ordered the jacket. It's now sold out, but hopefully it comes back? The price of this red leather outerwear is € 69,90. You can look at it here, but unfortunately not order it at this moment because it's sold out.

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