Thursday, February 26, 2015


I went to Amsterdam today with my mom and I bought two new vests. I first went to Het Rijksmuseum, which has a lot of paintings, including De Nachtwacht from Rembrandt. After a couple of hours we went shopping and we went to the H & M.

I spotted this vest for only € 14,99. The vest feels very diva. I also like that it's very different than my other clothes. Plus it was only € 14,99, a bargain!


The colors of this vest reminds me of a sweater I have, which is from H & M as well. This vest was originally € 9,99, which is already cheap. But now it was only € 7,-, another bargain! Sure, it's a basic vest, but it's not something I own yet. I usually have shorter vests and this one is a little bit longer. Plus I love the colors!


  1. I loved your post, I would like to follow us to each other? let me know.


  2. Super leuke vestjes!