Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Remember all those fake All Stars I bought last year at Van Haren? Like these white ones or these off white and black ones? After barely shopping at the beginning of the year, I feel like I'm catching up. Not that it's a competition, but whenever I think okay, I have enough, something always catches my eye. And then I buy it. So I was surprised I barely bought something at the beginning of January. But I'm on a roll now, since I bought two new pair of shoes.


I bought the low version last year and now I finally have the high version of these white ones. Lately I'm very into white sneakers. They look amazing with so many outfits. I bought these sneakers at Van Haren and the price of these sneakers was € 14,90. They were priced off, they used to be € 19,90.


The blue low ones were € 12,90. At first I only wanted to buy the white ones, but I regretted last year not buying light blue ones. And I love the low version of (fake) All Stars. Plus you know, it was only € 12,90. These were also priced off, the original price was € 16,90.

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