Monday, February 16, 2015

Outfits of the week: Week 7

There was snow last week, but this week it almost looked like spring. Especially if you were inside looking through a window and staring at the sun. Because it wasn't that warm outside. Not super cold, but certainly not warm. I also got very hoarse this week ugh. It kinda started on Thursday evening and by Saturday it sounded like I partied for a week straight.

This feels like a warm spring outfit, with the pastel pants from H & M. When I found the pants in my closet I couldn't remember them for several minutes. And then it suddenly came back to me. But this doesn't mean anything, it certainly doesn't mean that I have to many clothes. I had no problem remembering the other items I wore: the black blazer from H & M, the white top from H & M and the black ankle boots from H & M. So a very H & M outfit.


I went for a little of driving with my father. We went to Batavia Stad, a shopping centre with outlets from big brands (they have a Nike, Adidas and Puma outlet among other stores). I also spotted a Michael Kors outlet. I didn't go inside, but I do spotted several amazing bags. Michael Kors is way above my budget so I didn't feel like staring at bags I can't afford. I wore a warm outfit, because it wasn't that warm. I wore my fluffy sweater from H & M, my printed red pants from New Yorker and my black ankle boots from Van Haren.


A coat again. It would be boring to show an outfit with a coat everyday, even though I wear a coat everyday. I might have more coats than the average humans, I don't have that many to show a complete different collection every week. Now about the specific coat, it's from C & A which I ordered at Wehkamp. The brown scarf is from H & M, just like the sweater. I'm also wearing my new jegging from C & A and my beloved red ankle boots from Taft Shoes (old). I went out lunching with a friend and I drove for the first time all by myself. Scary but exciting as well!


Look at that beautiful blue sky. It was super sunny on Thursday. I wore my dark blue blazer from H & M, it looks like black but I swear, it's dark blue. I combined the blazer with my yellow top from H & M and with my jegging from C & A. The fringe boots are from Van Haren.

If spring doesn't come to me, I'm getting into a spring mood myself. And into a spring outfit! If this outfit doesn't scream spring, I don't know what does! This outfit made me very happy and I wouldn't be surprised if this outfit gets a place in my best outfits of 2015 post. Most of the items I'm wearing are new, except for the denim blouse. The blouse is from Vero Moda and I bought it several years ago. The biker jacket and salmon pants are from C & A and the boots are from H & M.


  1. I love this outfit! So cute!!

    XO, Erica

  2. Love the white on white ma'am!

  3. Raindrops of SapphireFebruary 17, 2015 at 2:30 PM

    I love those pale pink skinny jeans, those are gorgeous!

    I also wanted to let you know that I relaunched my blog yesterday, I'd love to know what you think!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    1. Thank you so much, of course, I'm happy to look at your blog :)

  4. Thank you so much! I will check your blog :)