Monday, February 9, 2015

Outfits of the Week: Week 6

The snow was here again this week. I really thought we would've been past it, but I guess not. This was however probably the last week of snow this winter. I bought new sneakers this week and I went lunching with a friend.

The snow was mostly gone on Monday but I shot these pictures with my mom on Wednesday when the snow was back. Sometimes I don't have the time to shoot on the day I wore the clothes, so I have to shoot the pictures with the same clothes on a different day. So sometimes I cheat a little, but I do wear the clothes you see in the pictures. And on Monday I wore this pink blazer from H & M, a denim blouse from H & M, high waisted jeans from Bershka and my Roshe Run sneakers from Nike which I bought at Footlocker.


Okay, this picture was shot on Wednesday as well, because I went lunching with a friend and we shopped afterwards. I combined a chic blazer from Vero Moda with my comfortable tregging from H & M. I wore a red shirt from H & M underneath my houndstooth blazer. I went for black shoes again, this time my black ankle boots for H & M.


I think the last time I wore this blazer was in 2013. And I believe the last time I wore this dress was ages ago as well. The light pink blazer is from H & M, from the Conscious Collection from a couple of years ago. The floral dress is from Primark, the tights from HEMA and the black pumps from Van Haren. It suddenly started to hail in the afternoon and then it started to snow.


 I went to Amsterdam with a friend. There was a meeting about Journalism. It was quite interesting and some of the tips I could use for my blog. I wore a blazer again, yes the fourth one this week. It's been a blazer kinda of week. I also wore my grey coat from New Yorker wit my tartan/houndstooth scarf from MS Mode because it was super cold. The blazer is from H & M, just like the tregging. The black blouse is from Takko Fashion and the sneakers are from Bershka.

A casual outfit again. I wore my H & M polkadot vest and I combined it with my red shirt from C & A, high waisted jeans from Bershka and red All Stars Converse from Big Bazar.


I felt like wearing my fake UGGs from House of Shoes, which I bought several years ago. I know not everybody likes UGGs, but I don't mind wearing them when it's winter and there is snow. I don't like them for spring and summer. Even though I'm wearing fake UGGs. The store where I bought them also recently went bankrupt. A lot of stores have gone bankrupt lately, such a shame. Now about the outfit, I wore my parka from C & A because it was awfully cold. I also wore my fluffy cardigan from Primark and I combined it with my black top with polkadot from H & M and my H & M tregging.


  1. Great recap, I love the third look so much!!

  2. Lovely collection of outfits
    you seem to have a really good winter style and a great collection of scarfs