Monday, February 2, 2015

Outfits of the week: Week 5

This really was an exciting week, because it was the week I had my driving exam! So I had a lot of driving lessons this last few weeks, or months. Driving didn't come natural to me. I was scared at first and it took me a while to get used to the car. I didn't drive in an automatic, which would've been easier, but automatics are less common in Europe. So if I could only drive in an automatic, I wouldn't be able to drive in most cars. That's why I didn't want to learn how to drive in an automatic. But Wednesday it was the day I had my driving exam.

Driving, driving, driving. I sometimes went nuts because in January I had at least two lessons every week. Which was good, because I do feel more confident when I drive a lot. But it was also very expensive. Driving lessons also meant comfortable clothes. So I wore this salmon sweater from C & A, my new tregging from C & A and my leopard ankle boots from Primark (though I wore sneakers while driving).


And on Tuesday I went driving again. I wore this baby blue sweater from Takko Fashion, jeans from H & M and neon pink All Stars Converse which I bought at Big Bazar.


And Wednesday was the day I took my driving exam. And I passed! I also passed the first time I took the test, which was a great boost for my confidence as well. When I came home I could smell the apple pie my mom baked. Yum! I immediately went to the city council after eating some apple pie, to apply for the right documents so I can officially drive. I also stopped by the C & A and bought some new clothes. I wore another simple outfit again today. I wore my floral sweater from C & A. I combined it with my superstretch jeans from H & M, because I wore these jeans when I passed another test for driving. (And I'm also slightly superstitious, so I believe these are my lucky pants.) The fake All Stars Converse are from Van Haren. After the shopping trip at C & A I legally drove home for the first time! My mom was right next to me and we survived. I was a little bit scared, because I never drove a car on petrol. I always drove a car on diesel and there is a difference. But the trip went great.


On Thursday I felt like wearing a skirt. I was still so happy and also relieved I passed the test. I didn't have a lot of sleep Tuesday going on Wednesday. But on Wednesday going on Thursday I slept like a baby. In the evening my parents and my sister celebrated my driver license with sushi! Yum! I wore this red blazer from H & M (old) with my beige sweater from H & M and I combined it with my floral skirt from H & M. The leggings are from HEMA and the black ankle boots are from H & M as well.


On Friday my grandma and my uncle came by for a visit. I wore this polkadot blouse from Zara and my new jeans from C & A. The ankle boots are from Van Haren.


On Saturday I had a day of from work. It always feel like I'm playing skipping work whenever I'm free. It also doesn't feel like a Saturday when I don't have to work. I went to Zwolle and this is the first time since I went to Zwolle by train since my big meeting in December before getting my diploma. I wore my red blazer from H & M (old) again. Red is my favorite color. I also wore my blouse from H & M and I combined them with my new jeans from C & A and Bershka sneakers.


Blue is the word. I wasn't in a blue mood, but felt like wearing loads of blue. So I wore my denim blouse from Vero Moda. The white floral T-shirt is from H & M (old), the jeans are from Primark and the blue suede sneakers are from Puma which I bought at Pro.