Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Hailey Baldwin is the face of Topshop's SS15 denim collection

Hailey Baldwin, a model, is the daughter of Stephen Baldwin, she is also rumored to be the girlfriend of Justin Bieber. And she is also the new face of the latest Topshop denim collection. Topshop has released a lookbook with Hailey Baldwin showing the collection. There are 9 types of jeans in total: Jamie Flare ('70s flared jeans), Binx (comfy stretch skinny jeans), Jamie (ripped skinny ankle jeans), Mom ('90s high waisted comfy jeans), Baxter (a more loose skinny jeans), Hayden (boyfriend jeans), Girlfriend (less loose than boyfriend jeans), Leigh (mid rise super soft skinny jeans) and Joni (ultra skinny and ultra high waist).





Jamie Flare

Girlfriend jeans




She wears skinny jeans, mom jeans and boyfriend jeans. Substitute skinny jeans for a younger sibling jeans and boyfriend jeans for father jeans and the whole family is present. It kinda is already, since she shows a wide variation of jeans. Which is off course the whole point of the collection and you can see that in the lookbook. It doesn't have too much going on, just basic outfits with nice, comfortable jeans. I love jeans and I really like this lookbook as well. What do you think of this lookbook?

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