Wednesday, January 28, 2015


After I passed my driver license I immediately went to the city council for the rights documents. After this I went into the town for grocery shopping. I also went to C & A, even though I didn't think I would buy something because I just saw the latest collection on Saturday. But there were already some new items today and great items at that. I bought two pants on Saturday and got one from my mother. But today I bought some other spring and summer items.


I saw this faux leather biker jacket and I immediately loved the color. I can't wear this jacket this spring. It was only € 29,90 and for that price I couldn't leave it in the store. I bought this as a present to myself because I passed for my drivers license. 


 I'm not gonna wearing this exact combination, because I do think it's an awful combination. But this was purely to show the skirt and it was way too cold for having bare legs. This super cute skirt was only € 9,90.


This super cute floral top was only € 4,50. Way too cute and perfect for summer. It will look amazing with so many shorts. So I bought this top as well.

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