Saturday, January 24, 2015


I went for a quick grocery shop in my town. Of course I had to make a quick stop at C & A which turned out to be a very good choice and a longer stop. I got one tregging from my mother and I bought two pants myself. I noticed C & A has a great spring collection, which I already mentioned several times before. But it's true, C & A nowadays has great clothes. I usually don't leave the store without buying something. Even so, this is my first shoplog this year. Not bad for a possible shopaholic right?

 First is the tregging which was € 14,90 and I got from my mother. I saw this tregging several times before and I wanted to try it on, but I didn't. I was very curious, but I already have several treggings so I technically didn't need another one. But since I already want to try on several things today I took it with me to the fitting room. And it fits to a T. It's super comfy.

 These greenish pants are such a pretty pastel color for spring and summer. I'm definitely craving spring and summer when I look at these pants. These pants are also super comfy and the price of these green pants was € 19,90.


These light ripped were € 19,90 as well and also super comfy. I loved the color and I didn't even notice the ripped parts before I tried them on. Not that I mind, it gives them an extra edge. I also didn't have jeans in this color and it feels like a spring color. It's not really white, more beige I think. White is a trend this spring, but can also be see through. These jeans aren't see through.


I tried on so many items when I was in the C & A. Also please don't mind the huge forehead, I wore a ponytail because it's easy. But I get an huge forehead. I'm wearing my beige ripped jeans I bought and I combined this with a blue sweater. I think the price of the sweater was € 14,90 but I'm not 100 % sure and I can't find the exact sweater on their webshop.


I tried this light grey sweater on as well, which was the price so probably € 14,90 as well. It was very warm, but I already have a hoodie and I wanted to buy the two pants. So I didn't buy this one. I combined the sweater in the first shot with my new tregging from C & A.

I later combined the sweater with salmon pants. I loved the pastel color and it broke my heart when I noticed it was see through. I literally saw myself wearing it and I was already making outfit combinations in my head. So that was a downer. The green pants and light jeans aren't see through. The salmon pants were € 19,90.

I'm smiling, because these are again jeans which are very comfy. It's super skinny and I have to be honest. I wondered whether it really was when I saw it in the store. But I like the ripped parts so I wanted to try them on. Super comfy, but also € 29,90. I'm gonna wait for sale with this one, because I really want it. Even though the price is totally worth it, I already bought two pants today. So I hope I will see this one in the sale and still in my size!

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