Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Yes, I did it! I passed my driver license! I started exactly a year ago. And today I passed the test. A lot of people are faster, but I really was afraid to drive in the beginning. I was also so focused on getting my diploma that I wasn't really able to be focused on driving lessons. Combined with the fact I'm no natural at driving, it took a lot of time and money. And patience.

But now I'm allowed to drive. Or rather, next week because then I'll have the official papers. For all those people who aren't naturals at driving either, I feel your pain. Just remember it's no shame to be careful with driving. But don't be too careful and don't drive 50 where you have to drive 80. And remember, practice makes perfect (even though nobody drives absolutely perfect)! I didn't have a lot of lessons in the beginning and I also want to do everything perfect. I'll have to remember, it doesn't have to be perfect, it has to be safe. When I drove more often I realized this, but even then sometimes I still strived for perfection. But driving a lot helped me make a better driver. And a confident, but not too confident, driver. The car in the picture isn't mine btw. When I came home my parents were waiting and I smelled a delicious apple pie. It was a great day!

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