Monday, January 26, 2015

Outfits of the week: Week 4

Some parts of the Netherlands had snow late December. The snow didn't come here. But this week it finally did. I'm usually not a big fan of snow. I purely wanted snow for the outfit pictures. Yes, I'm a fashionblogger. There are so many beautiful outfit pictures with snow online. I wanted that as well and this week I got my wish.

I changed shampoos and this pictures was made when I still used the old shampoo. That's why I had a very bad hair day. Luckily not a bad hair week! I wore my leopard vest from H & M, my red shirt from C & A, jeans from H & M and ankle boots from H & M as well.


I bought my pink coat at V & D two years ago and I still love wearing it. It has a bow on the back and I love that it's wider at the bottom. I paired it with my lovely warm scarf from H & M. At first I wanted to pair my pink cropped sweater from H & M the same way like last year, with my polkadot tregging from H & M. While there is nothing wrong with repeating outfits (especially since it been months the last time I wore it) I have plenty of clothes so I thought why not wear a different tregging? That's why I wore my blue tregging from H & M. I combined the tregging with my safe but amazing black ankle boots from Van Haren. The boots look great with everything and I don't want to draw the attention from my pants. The black top underneath my sweater is from H & M. It was too cold for this sweater without a top.


If you're thinking, she looks like she's freezing, then you're right. Because it was freezing all day as you perhaps can see in the pictures. It was very cold, even colder than usual when we're shooting outfit pictures. But sometimes you just have to toughen up and face/brave the cold. And to be honest, the frost makes the grass look very mysterious. Since the temperatures were low, I wanted to wear a warm vest and I picked this white one from H & M. I wore my peplum top with Peter Pan collar from Vero Moda (old) and combined them with my checkered jeans from Divided from H & M. I liked the color combination (white-black-red) so chose for my beloved black ankle boots, this time from H & M again.


My hair changes everyday, I'm not sure why. It has been this way like forever. I looked a little bit overdressed with my blue blazer from H & M (old) at the veterinarian. But I just wanted to wear this blazer, because I hadn't worn it in forever. I can finally say Moschino is feeling better again. He has been sick since around 10 december. Sometimes it looked like he was feeling better and the day after that he would have a relapse. This went on for longer than a month and we went to the vet quite often. He had a lot of different medications but on Thursday it was finally clear why he was so sick. And he is doing so much better, I'm so relieved! I really feared for his life and that's why I didn't want to write about it. But now I finally can because he is getting better everyday. Now about the rest of the outfit, I also wore my striped top from H & M (old) and my high waisted jeans from Bershka. I combined blue with blue and red with red with my red All Stars Converse, which I bought at Big Bazar.


I hope snow falls more often when I look at these outfit pictures. But the next day the snow was terrible mushy and gross. Luckily it still looked great in these shots. I'm wearing my very warm grey sweater from Takko Fashion and I combined with my orange pants from H & M (old). The sun was shining so I felt like wearing something colorful. Especially since the sweater is grey. The ankle boots from H & M with fake fur make this outfit look even more like a winter outfit.  


This outfit is less warm and less colorful. Even though the blue boots from Scapino are quite colorful. The ripped jeans are from H & M (old), just like the sweater. Quite a lot of looks this week, but last week there weren't a lot.


Lets close this week with a simple outfit: my black turtleneck sweater from H & M, my new tregging from C & A and my red ankle boots from Taft Shoes (old).