Monday, January 12, 2015

Outfits of the week: Week 2

This week finally felt like a normal week. It did feel good after the busy days with Christmas and New Years Eve. The weather on the first few pictures doesn't look horrible, but the weather was often absolutely shit. There has been a crazy wind almost all week and it's still going strong unfortunately. The wind also creates hilarious pictures, so that's a plus. And again you can see my face on the pictures. I want to thank everybody for the amazing sweet comments on my post from last week. Thank you so much! It really meant a lot to me and I'm less anxious about showing my face :)!


My faux leather pants from H & M was one of my favorite purchases from last year. I also wore one of my favorite purchases from 2013, my vest from H & M. The black shirt is from C & A and the pumps are from Scapino.


Stripes on a cloudy day. I wore my striped sweater from H & M and I combined it with my dark skinny jeans from H & M (old) and red ankle boots from Taft Shoes (old).


Time for a coat, even though this was too cold for this weather. The coat is from H & M, the scarf is from Vero Moda. The polkadot vest is from H & M, the T-shirt is from Takko Fashion, the jeans are from H & M (old) and the fake Timberlands are from Van Haren. and no I didn't fall. I was just being goofy.

Some of these pictures turned out funny because of the wind, but it was so cold. I can't wait shooting outfits pictures with warmer weather again. I had a important test for my driving today. It's not THE test, but still an important one. I passed but there are some things I have to work on. So in these following weeks I will have to drive a lot before my exam. I'm not gonna tell the exact date, because I'm afraid I'll jinx it. I wore my floral and bird sweater from H & M combined with my superstretch jeans from H & M. The red All Stars Converse are one of my favorite purchases of 2014 and I bought them at Big Bazar.


 It's funny, when you like an outfit, it really shows in the pictures. I feel extra confident in front of the camera,  even though sometimes I still don't know how to stand. I also think the best pictures are when I smile. Especially when it's spontaneous. That's very easy when your hair is flying in your face all the time. I wore my denim dress from C & A and I combined it with my bright neon C & A blazer. The tights are from Big Bazar and are very warm. I'm pleasantly surprised! The black ankle boots are from Van Haren.


Sunday, comfy day! I wore my beloved fluffy vest from Primark again, I've been living in this vest. Seriously. I combined it with my black blouse from Takko Fashion, polkadot pants from Primark and wedges from Bershka.


  1. Great outfits!