Sunday, January 25, 2015

It's an animal city

These were too awesome, so I had to share these leopard sneakers from Van Haren. I started this blog with an obsession for polkadot. I now have so many items with polkadot that I looked around for another obsession. That obsession became leopard. Granted, I still love polkadot and I still buy items with polkadot.

These leopard sneakers fit right in with my leopard obsession. These sneakers are € 16,90 at Van Haren. They were originally € 24,90. You can look at them here.


  1. Wat een leuke sneakers! Ik heb zelf een paar met bruine luipaard print, maar deze zijn ook erg gaaf!

    1. Sneakers met bruine luipaard print klinken ook heel gaaf :)