Thursday, January 15, 2015

Birthday time

It's my birthday! This day is gonna be filled with amazing food, presents and lots of fun. I'm going with a friend to another friend to a city nearby Amsterdam. We will do a lot of shopping, catch up and have fun. We haven't exactly have great weather, but then again, we can stay in a lot of stores and look at the clothes. It my first birthday in ages I'm not at home, so it's gonna be weird perhaps. But of course I will have a great time with my friends. Birthday changes when you get older, which sounds very old lol. But for most people it's true. It's not as exciting as when you're a kid. Wanna know how old I am now? 24. Yes, I will be 25 next year. Perhaps my early midlife crisis will begin, but I don't have to think about that now!

Birthdays changes when you get older, but I still love the presents.


I got this blazer from Vero Moda for my birthday. It was originally around € 50,- I think. It was now on sale, for € 25,-. How do I know this? Because I saw this blazer two days for my birthday and my mom wanted to buy it as a present.


I also got these fake white Roshe Run from C & A for my birthday. I already tried them on before my birthday and I wasn't sure if I should buy them. They were only € 14,90 and I think they look amazing. They're also quite comfortable, but not as much as the real ones. I liked the color, but at the same white gets dirty real easy. So I wasn't sure. That's why I'm glad I got them for my birthday! I also got several other presents, including a dvd, a book and a giftset from Rituals from my friends.

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