Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Almere time! I was in complete shock because I didn't buy anything at H & M. I did buy some new items though. I also didn't discover a lot of new items at Primark, but I did buy two new clothing items at Primark.

I bought this red blouse for € 10,- at Primark. I think it's the perfect blouse for Christmas. It looks chic and cute with the bow. 


Another chic and classy item. This cute floral dress is perfect for spring and summer. It will look edgier combined with a biker jacket, but it works when you wear it classy as well. The price of the dress was € 12,-.


These Puma sneakers were on sale and I love the unique color of these. They're very comfy and I was surprised they were so much cheaper than normal. Usually sale at sneaker stores aren't that great. I saw some many Roshe Run as well. But I decided to buy these Puma sneakers and I'm very happy with them. The price of the sneakers was € 49,99. I bought them at Pro.

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