Sunday, December 21, 2014


I went shopping with a friend today. We both needed a Christmas outfit. Sale has started in some stores, so that was another good reason to go shopping. Unfortunately we both didn't find a Christmas outfit. I did buy some new clothes though.

This cute top was € 5,-. It's from H & M and it's on sale. The regular price was € 14,95. I tried this top before and I even posted a pic on Instagram. I didn't buy it back then, because I was afraid it was a little bit childish for my age. But I thought the top was cute and I loved the peplum effect. So when I saw it for only € 5,- I thought what the heck. I'm just gonna buy it.


Same with this top. This one is from H & M as well and was only € 5,-. I would wear it with different jeans. I think this one is too dark.

This top from H & M was only € 5,- as well and it's so nineties. I thought it was cute and looks great on high waisted jeans.

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