Monday, December 22, 2014

Outfits of the week: Week 51

I still can't believe it, it suddenly went so quick. But I can finally say I graduated! I'm so happy and still a little bit flabbergasted. It just went so quick since last week. Last week I had my last meeting and I got my grade. I got another grade that same day as well and that meant I finished everything and had all my grades. The next day I was called if I could join the diploma ceremony the following Wednesday (meaning this Wednesday in my ootw post). Naturally I said yes!

This week was filled with windy days and just blegh weather. I wore my beige vest from H & M with a denim blouse from H & M as well. I wore this vest with denim before and I loved that combination. So that's why I repeated it, although I did wear a different blouse, pants and shoes. These pants are from H & M (old). This is my regular waist purple pants, I also own a high waisted purple pants. The ankle boots are from Van Haren.


Bright pink mixed with light pink. The floral sweater is from C & A, the jeans are from Mango (old) and the sneakers are All Stars Converse which I bought at Big Bazar. 


After my cozy vest from Monday I wore another amazing vest today, also from the H & M. It was my fluffy vest! I combined with this yellow blouse from H & M and my skinny jeans from H & M. To add even more color, I added my red ankle boots from Taft Shoes (old).


Graduation Day! I longed for Graduation Day so long. It sounds super dramatic, but it's the truth. I'm so happy! Now the hunt for a real job begins! My family (minus my oldest sis because she lives far away) and a friend were there with my. A teacher of mine told a story about my and my scripture which I was working on the last few months. This year has been quite stressful at times and sometimes it felt like I wasn't going anywhere with my schoolwork. But all the hard work definitely paid of. Afterwards we went for sushi! I wore my striped dress from H & M, red blazer from H & M (old), tights from HEMA and black pumps from Van Haren. I think red pumps look better combined with the red blazer. The stripes of the dress are blue and not black. Even though I'm not super on matching, I think red pumps would've been better. But my only red pumps are super high and I didn't want to trip so I went for black instead. I don't mind it, because I love the outfit and this dress from now on will always be my Graduation Day Dress (yes this needs some capitals).


On Sunday I went shopping with a friend. We searched for a Christmas outfit but both failed. I guess I'll have to pick from my extensive wardrobe. Laid back with shopping is key so I went for my grey sweater from H & M. The high waisted jeans are from Bershka. The sneakers are All Stars Converse and I always wear these to work.

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