Monday, December 1, 2014

Outfits of the week: Week 48

I feel like it suddenly has become winter. It was so cold this week (and still is). I also feel like the temperatures were still quite okay last week. I don't know, I might be wrong. But it is so cold. 


I wore this on Monday and it was already a bit chilly. It would've been too cold for the weekend, so I'm glad I wore it on Monday. The faux leather biker jacket is from C & A and the scarf is from H & M. The starry blouse is from H & M as well, the blue top underneath is from HEMA (old). The orange pants are from H & M (old) just like the boots.


I went to Zwolle with my dad. Since it was already so cold, I wanted to be warm when I would walk outside. I wore my warm parka from C & A. The chequered blouse is from New Yorker. The high waisted jeans are from Bershka and the sneakers are Roshe Run from Niken via Footlocker.


It looks super dark in a lot of pictures even though it wasn't that dark when these pictures were taken. It wasn't exactly light either though. There hasn't been a lot of sunshine these last few days. I wore my old trusted All Stars Converse (old). I don't know remember the name of the store. The vest is from H & M, just like the T-shirt (old) and the ripped jeans (old).


I went to Zwolle again (lol) and I bought new sneakers at Bershka. Because I would be outside a lot, I again wrapped myself up. So it was time for my parka from C & A again. Also note to self: I should pose with crossed legs while wearing this parka because it makes me look super tiny. The bird with flowers sweater is from H & M, just like the ripped jeans (old). The sneakers are Roshe Run from Nike.


 As usual, I wore my last purchase the following day. The sneakers are from Bershka, the grey coat is from New Yorker, the scarf is from H & M. The pink blazer is from H & M, just like the striped top (old) and the tregging.

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