Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New trends Home collection H & M 2015

It's only a few weeks ago I showed the latest pictures of the new Home collection from H & M. Today I'm sharing yet again new pictures of the new Home collection from H & M. These pictures show the new trends of 2015. H & M is predicting the new trends will be Strictly Modern (clean, not much fuss), The Piping (dark yet sophisticated), The Geometrics (geometric shapes and patterns), Natural Vibe (green and natural fabrics), The Fabrics (linen, jute, cotton), The Greens (nature and green), Romantic Touch (taupe and pastels), The Floral Prints (floral print), The Frills (ruffles, lace and frill), Bold Expressions (bold prints and colors), The Birds (not the movie, but cute birds) and The Colors (strong colors and bold prints).


The new collection shows a mix of natural colors and fabrics and very colorful colors and bold prints. Pastel colors are of course perfect for spring and summer, but might feel a little bit too soon for now. I particularly like the natural products and colors.

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