Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Best purchases of 2014

I bought a lot this year. Perhaps a little bit too much? I don't think I can buy this much in 2015, because my closet can't handle it anymore. I bought a lot of shoes, coats, dresses, skirts, (printed) pants and tops. Last year I made a top ten and I this year I'm doing it again.

1. On number one are definitely my Roshe Run, the pink and black version. I can't believe it bought them this year, because I feel like I already have had the pink version for years. I ordered the pink ones in May at Nike. At first I ordered them slightly too small, so I ordered them half a size bigger and they were great. I bought the black version in September at Footlocker. 


2. This blanket scarf from MS Mode gets a second place, even though the quality of the scarf is less than good. It already starts to tear and it's such a shame because it happened pretty quickly after I bought it. Plus, I love the scarf and I hope I can still wear it often in 2015.

3. My warm parka from C & A rightfully deserves third place. It's very warm and comfortable and great to wear when it's cold. I also love the fall like color.


4. The fluffy vest from Primark and fluffy vest from H & M almost made the top 3. The vests are super warm and I love the color of the Primark one. The black one from H & M is easy to combine and the fluffy effect is different than the vest from Primark. Definitely good purchases.


5. My bridesmaid dress from C & A! Even though I only wore it once, I still love it so much. I felt awesome in this dress. It's cute, formal but not too formal.


6. This Zara floral suit also deserves a spot in the top 10, even though I prefer to wear the items separately. I have worn the Zara blazer a couple of times.


7. This biker jacket from C & A has been a favorite when the weather was still good. I have a soft spot for (biker) jackets in general so when I saw the price (only € 29,90) it had to be mine.

8. I noticed that several of my favorite outfits of 2014 were in combination with my faux leather pants from H & M. These pants give every outfit an edgy bust without making it tacky.

9. Both of these floral dresses deserve a combined 9th spot. The first dress is from Primark, the other dress is from H & M. I bought them both on the same day and I do not regret buying these dresses. They scored me so much compliments. I feel awesome wearing them and they're just fun and summerlike.

10. I bought four All Stars this year, but these red ones deserve a spot in the top 10. Simply because I wear them every week. I use them for work and I use them with my soles I bought at Footlocker when I bought my black Roshe Run. They're so comfy with the sole and I can wear them all day. I used to wear grey/blue All Stars to work but there is a hole at the back and they're not that comfy anymore. But these are!

It might seems like I cheated a little, since there are three items that share one spot. But I really can't chose between those items. Honorable mentions goes to both of my high waisted jeans from Bershka and my blue jumpsuit from H & M. Now up to 2015, may there be lots of great purchases ahead.


  1. Thanks for your nice comment, you have a great blog! I am following you now :)

  2. Love the roshes, I've been searching for a pair, just haven't found the right color yet. Time will tell...

    Happy 2015!