Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Best outfits of 2014

It was so hard to make a choice in my best outfits of 2014. I already knew this after the first week of 2014. A top 15 wasn't possible because I simply couldn't chose only 15 outfits. I did make a selection 'cause I'm not showing all my favorite outfits. Nevertheless, looking back, I don't like all of my outfits this year. Some failed, some were basic and while I love basic, I don't like those outfits for this post. 



Week 49

Week 50

Week 52

Some of my favorite outfits were with my faux leather pants from H & M which I bought all the way back in January 2014. But some other outfits were combined with skirts or dresses. I love making posts like these. I had so much fun with last years post and with my summer inspiration post. I already thought about this post back in January 2014. I can't wait till next years overview! It's also funny how I remember what I did that day when I look back at the outfits.

You can find all of my ootw's with the tag outfits of the week or you can look at the weeks.