Friday, November 7, 2014

The leatherlook blazer

The leatherlook trend is a trend which I really love. I already have two coats with leatherlook sleeves and I own faux leather pants. But I still want a leatherlook blazer. Last year H & M had a leatherlook blazer I wanted so badly. But it was sold out most of the time. When I finally tried one on in the store, I hesitated and didn't buy it. So my search for the perfect leatherlook blazer is still going strong.

H & M

H & M

 This year H & M had a similar blazer, but I didn't like that blazer as much.

 H & M

H & M.

These two last leatherlook blazers are from the H & M collection of this year.

C & A € 29,90

I saw somebody posting a picture of this blazer on Instagram and it looked amazing. But I'll have to confess, I'm not sure when I look at this picture. It looks very baggy and long. I would like the blazer more if it were shorter and less baggy. Still, I'll have to try it on.


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  2. Amazing blazers!