Thursday, November 6, 2014


Shopping time. Shopping time! After spending so much time after schoolwork and finishing it, it was time for some relaxing. I went to a nearby city for a quick little shopping spree. I was going to dinner with friends in the evening, but there was enough time in the afternoon for shopping.

 However shopping is less when you have to watch the time. But I scored this wonderful scarf at New Yorker. It's a Burberry look-a-like and thankfully a lot cheaper. The scarf was € 7,95. It's not super warm, but still warm enough. It's a normal sized scarf although I also love the super sized scarf. I do love the knock off scarf and I think it looks great my bikerjacket from C & A. Or my red coat from Primark and my orange coat from a thrift shop.


Next up is this lovely floral sweater from C & A. It was € 12,90 and it's quite long and a little bit baggy. It reminded me of my bird sweater from H & M. This sweater is very cute.