Monday, November 3, 2014

Outfits of the week: Week 44

November, almost the last month of the year. It didn't feel like the beginning of November in the weekend, because it was warm. Very warm. The beginning of November has never been so warm in the Netherlands!

On Monday it was too cold for bare legs, so I wore these tights. Which I accidentally ripped and now I need new tights. I wore my 'fall' dress from C & A. I call it my fall dress, because I think the colors of the dress look like fall colors. I also wore my grey coat from New Yorker and the scarf is from H & M. The socks are from Van Haren.


 I noticed that this coat from H & M already has some rips. Such a shame, even though it's not very noticeable. I bought this blue top from H & M the following day in 2013. The light pink pants are from H & M as well. The pumps are from Scapino.


While the weather in the weekend was fine, it was very cold and drowsy on Wednesday. A perfect day for my fluffy vest from H & M. The nude blouse is from Primark. The tregging is from H & M, just like the ankle boots. I had a coupon from Takko Fashion and I put it to good use.


I went to dinner with a friend and we had a great time. We were so stuffed afterwards, it almost wasn't healthy. But the food was so good. I wore my pink coat from V & D (January 2013) with my favorite scarf from last year from H & M. I combined it with my cropped sweater from H & M and my black skater skirt from H & M. I got the houndstooth tights from my mother, she bought it on the market. The black pumps are from Van Haren.


This look looks artsy because of the H & M T-shirt lol. The denim blouse is from Vero Moda. The faux leather pants are from H & M. The pumps are from Scapino.


Since it was warm on Sunday I wore this blouse from H & M. I thought it was a little bit too cold to wear shorts. I could've worn a skirt, but I felt like wearing pants. These pants are from H & M (2012). The sneakers Nike Roshe Run. The coat is a vintage H & M, because I bought it secondhand.