Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hot or not: the Poncho

Love or hate it, but the poncho is back. If often comes back in the winter. However you usually don't see the poncho in a lot of stores. This winter it's a very hot item. And with a poncho you can stay warm, so pun intended.

This particular poncho is from Burberry and has the pricetag of € 1.050. I already saw several celebs wearing this, but I think it's ridiculous overpriced. So I'm showing some cheaper alternatives. Zara and Mango usually have a lot of poncho's and capes. While it's not the same, I'm showing a couple of poncho's and capes.

 Mango € 69,99


Mango € 39,99


Zara € 39,95

Zara €59,95

Zara € 49,95

H & M € 29,99

H & M € 24,99

I still don't know what to think of the poncho (and cape). I like it others, but not on myself. But I never say never!

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  1. Lovely ponchos!