Friday, November 21, 2014

Boots & a dress

I thought my leopard blouse/T-shirt from H & M would arrive before the other two packages, but I was wrong. The boots and dress arrived before the blouse.


I liked the boots, but I didn't feel they were really my style. Something I already thought before, that's why I didn't order at first. But you can always see how it looks and I'm glad I did. The boots didn't feel comfortable either, they were too narrow and too small. I don't ordering a size bigger would help, plus my feet will look gigantic with a size bigger. So these boots are going back.


 The dress for Christmas was a bust as well. It doesn't really flatter me and I didn't like the fabric. Perhaps I would've liked it if the pleads were higher and the fabric was different. Still, I'm glad I ordered it since it was so cheap. So this dress is going back as well.

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