Thursday, October 9, 2014

Two scarves and a shoplog

Spoiler alert, my scarf collection grew with three scarves today. I will stop writing about scarves for a while now (even though the Primark one with tartan and houndstooth is still on my wishlist). My online order from H & M finally arrived. And my mom called me when I was working on my schoolwork. She found an amazing scarf at Vero Moda. She send me a picture and I said yes, that one looks great. I did hesitate since I knew the package from H & M would arrive.

I'm happy I ordered this scarf. It's just as big and warm as this one from H & M. This scarf was € 14,99. I just love the print and I think it works really well with grey coat from New Yorker.


 This brown scarf is a neutral one, especially compared to my other scarves. This one is easy to combine because it doesn't have any prints. This scarf was € 9,99. I love the colour and it looks really classy I think. It's not as big as the other scarf and thus not as warm. It's still warm though! But the other scarf is huge and this is a tad smaller. This scarf works the best with my red coat from Primark.


This scarf is from Vero Moda and was € 16,95. It has a reversible print, with one side tartan and one side a print that looks like houndstooth. As I mentioned my mom called me and send me a picture of the scarf. She was so sweet to buy it and I'm very happy with my three (!) scarfs!  


  1. I'm in love with your first scarf, beautiful print!!! xo

  2. I love this post and all the scarfs, especially the h&m one! You have such a lovely post! X